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    Post creating a pi chart

    I am using dev c++ and wana creat a pi chart in my program. would any one guide me and post a sample program that how to use it????
    kindly also provide some discription about variables used in the program so i would be able to use it for changing data...

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    - Homework dumping with no effort? Check.
    - Awful grammar? Check.
    - Old/outdated C++ compiler for C? Check.
    - Indian name? Check. (it's not racist)

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    He doesn't just want code, he wants the code to be so well documented he can easily change it to claim it as his own.

    I, for one, am bloody well impressed.


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    cboard is too easy to join. New members should be required to answer some C related randomized questions to deserve to be here. I am new here, I yet find what I need without asking. Even humor like this thread. I barely post anything because I don't know enough and most knowledgeable people are way to fast at answering anyway .

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