Thread: Declaring a void variable and typecasting it later

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    Question Declaring a void variable and typecasting it later

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if its possible to do something like this in c:

     void variable = 'c';
    if (xyz)    {
    char variable2 = variable; 
    if (not xyz)    {
    int variable3 = variable;
    I tried it and gcc warned me, while stating that it was enabled by default, so I am not sure. Thanks in advance for any help!!

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    No, although you can use a pointer to void to point to a char or to an int, with the choice determined at run time.
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    Use a union.
    struct foo {
      int flag;
      union {
        char c;
        int i;
      } v;
    struct foo var;
    if ( var.flag ) {
      var.v.c = 'a';
    } else {
      var.v.i = 42;
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