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    Daemon Process

    Hey guys,
    I need to create some Daemon processes to observe my log activity.

    I've been reading this article which explains every detail on how to create a successful daemon process. The thing is, they only create this daemon and do not interact him with the log system (which should be syslog).

    What do you think I need to do ?

    Maybe set every daemon ID so I can afterwards connect 'em to syslog through a pipe ?

    It should be able to do the same as DaemonFS.

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    So, you read a tutorial on creating a proper daemon and you understood it?

    You want to add features that you don't know how to create to a skeleton you understand how to create?

    Here is a novel idea: find a separate tutorial that explain what you don't understand and glue them together?

    Apparently no one has ever told you this: programming is work. You aren't always going to find a tutorial or code that does exactly what you need to sometimes you are going to have to do some independent research.


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