Thread: scan recusivly in to 2D array

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    Smile scan recusivly in to 2D array

    i'm trying to write a code which get variable as int and put them at 2D array...
    this a code which i wrote, it is the first time i'm trying to do thing like that.
    very importent it will be Recursion and without any loops.

     void scanMatrix(int matrix[][18],int indexRow, int indexCol, int sizeRow, int sizeCol){
    	int num;
    	if(indexCol == sizeCol && indexRow == sizeRow) return;
    	if(indexCol != sizeCol)
    		return scanMatrix(matrix,indexRow,indexCol+1,sizeRow,sizeCol);
    	if(indexCol == sizeCol)
    		return scanMatrix(matrix,indexRow+1,indexCol,sizeRow,sizeCol);

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    > matrix[indexRow][indexCol]=scanf("%d",&num);
    What exactly are you expecting to happen here?

    scanf is going to return -1 (aka EOF), 0 or 1.
    The successful input in num is just thrown away.
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