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    String extraction

    Hi, I'm trying to teach myself C and am stuck on something.

    I want to extract a string from input by the user
    For example if the user enters 12345"string"8765 I want to be able to extract the string from this input.

    I am aware that to receive the string input is
    scanf("%s", data)

    but how do I ignore the rest?
    If anyone could help me with this I would really appreciate it.

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    you could do the following

    go to first character in array
    is character last in array

    if character is >= 'a' and <= 'z'
    and if character is >= 'A' and <= 'Z'
    copy character into a temporary array

    go to next character in array


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    >but how do I ignore the rest?
    If you want to do it with scanf then you can do it this way:
    scanf ( "%*[0123456789]%[^0123456789]", a );

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