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    Question about Software Testing

    I have noticed that all of the software testing positions requires you to know some programming. The question I have is how much do you have to know and also when they say writing test cases in C/C++ what exactly is that. Is there a good book on how to do this and is writing test cases easier than writing a program.


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    if its a job where you only have to test their programs they write and tell them where there are errors, then you really need to understand how information is stored and such. For example if you were asked to enter a number upto 32000 or something like that then theres a good chance they will check if its more, but may not check if its less, so if they were using a signed integer to store that specific number then it would loop around to negatives after 32765 (i'm pretty sure, give or take a few numbers) in which case it would probly crash. Or atleast thats what I think not sure if this is the case

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    It's also very useful for software testers to have a good understanding of the intent of the program in order to give valuable input. The more specific the information given by the users is, the better the programmers will be able to diagnose it. It's a lot like the questions on this board, the more specific [and patient] you are, the better we are at helping you out.
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    One of the biggest reasons a QA engineer needs to know some sort of programing is so you can do automatic testing. You write test scripts that automaticly test functionality of the app. You can then run that script every single time the programer give you a new bug fix, save you alot of time. I think the most comon one is Pearl that remainds me alot about C syntax.

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