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    Editing a .txt file?

    Hello. I want to edit a .txt file and I have no idea of how to do it - this is what I have come up with so far. With the .txt file reading this:

    Mary;May;12 Good Lane;02 6889 2456;;4567 7956 4562 4568;12/17;124;5559864582456;010134;
    David;Bowie;In Space;09000000;;0000587945642134;10/99;458;795;010376;
    Mr.;Tree;The Jungle; 12456;;46546464;65/12;656;5683655;010588;

    When I run it, it prompts me to enter the new name but nothing happens.

    #include <stdio.h>#include <string.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    typedef struct{
            char fname[32];
            char lname[32];
            char address [64];
            char phone [16];
            char email [64];
            char credit_num[32];
            char credit_expiry[16];
            char credit_bsb[4];
            char licence_num[32];
            int ID;
    int main(){
        customer custData[128];
        int ch;
        char surname[32];
        char fname[32];
        FILE *cust;
        char address[64];
        char num[16];
        char mail[64];
        char crednum[32];
        char expiry[16];
        char bsb[4];
        char licnum[32];
        char line[18];
        char *item;
        int i = 0;
        int reccount = 0;
        int ID;
        int a;
        char newName[28];
    int no;
        cust = fopen("customer.txt", "r");
                //for copying strings
                item = strtok(line, ";");
                strcpy(custData[reccount].fname, item);
                item = strtok(NULL, ";");
                strcpy(custData[reccount].lname, item);
                item = strtok(NULL, ";");
                strcpy(custData[reccount].address, item);
                item = strtok(NULL, ";");
                strcpy(custData[reccount].phone, item);
                item = strtok(NULL, ";");
                strcpy(custData[reccount].email, item);
                item = strtok(NULL, ";");
                strcpy(custData[reccount].credit_num, item);
                item = strtok(NULL, ";");
                strcpy(custData[reccount].credit_expiry, item);
                item = strtok(NULL, ";");
                strcpy(custData[reccount].credit_bsb, item);
                item = strtok(NULL, ";");
                strcpy(custData[reccount].licence_num, item);
                item = strtok(NULL, ";");
                custData[reccount].ID = atoi(item);
        cust = fopen("customer.txt", "a");
        printf("1 - Find with customer ID");
        printf("\n2 - Find with customer name");
        scanf("%d", &ch); 
                   case 1:
                        printf("Enter customer ID>");
                        scanf("%d", &ID);
                            if(ID == custData[i].ID){
                                  printf("\n1 - Change first name\n2 - Change surname\n3 - Change address\n4 - Change phone\n5 - Change phone\n6 - Change credit card number\n7 - Change credit card expiry\n8 - Change credit card BSB\n9 - Change licence number\n");
                scanf("%d", &no);
                                       printf("Enter new first name>");
                                       scanf("%s", custData[i].fname);
                                       fprintf(cust, "%s", fname);
                    else if(no==2){
                   case 2:
                        printf("Enter customer name>");
                        fgets(name, 62, stdin);
    the ID is the last number of the line in the .txt file.
    any hints or pointers are appreciated.

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