Thread: Program for convert roman date to our christian date and back

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    Program for convert roman date to our christian date and back

    Hellou, is it exist source code in language c for converting roman date (has begun 21.4.753 b.c.) to christian date (has begun 1.1.1) and back? If i'snt, can someone please write it, i'll be very gratefull. Thank you very much for your time.

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    you can write it yourself, Im happy to help you do that

    First you need to get some info on the date conversions (please post it up here)

    What level of programming are you at so far?

    It should be a very simple program to write.

    I suggest you start by getting a basic structure together and posting it up here so we can build on it

    start with your #include (preprocessing directives), your main function and your variables and any options or welcoming message you need and we'll go from there

    best wishes

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