Thread: Clang vs GCC for Linux/Unix Programming?

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    Clang vs GCC for Linux/Unix Programming?

    Any advantages or disadvantages to using Clang, as opposed to GCC, for developing in C (mainly) and C++ on Linux? Programs will be command line only. In my case this would be used for intermediate college level student programs, not production, though you are free to discuss that as well.

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    At this moment, no. (Everything would be pretty similar...(well..other than C++ template errors ))
    GCC will undergo a major overhaul @ version 5 in future. It could change then.

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    Agree with above - they're pretty similar in most ways.

    Normally I'd say it would be an interesting idea to get code to work in two different compilers. This lets you make sure you're not accidentally relying on compiler-specific features or getting lucky with undefined behavior working in your favor. But Clang is designed to be a GCC-alike replacement so you're going to lose at least some of that benefit. Still might be a worthwhile idea for the experience, though.

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