Thread: <conio.h> in Borland (or VIsual) C++ compilers?

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    <conio.h> in Borland (or VIsual) C++ compilers?

    I tried Borland C++, but it doesn't seem to
    have <conio.h> in it. I need the prototype for the Port I/O Function (inp ()). Do I necessarily need a C compiler, not a C++ one? I have Visual Studio (C++), which did not work.

    I need a C compiler in DOS mode (command line compiler probably) because I want to skip the API aspect.

    What could have been the problem?

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    You need to redefine what you are trying to do

    None of the later MS operating systems allow you unconditional access to the hardware (via inp and outp)

    You need to know which device you want to talk to, and locate the appropriate driver API.

    > I need a C compiler in DOS mode
    Do you really mean DOS, or the Win32 console.
    They may look similar with their C:\> prompts, but they are very different.

    If you really mean DOS, then you need a real DOS compiler. I don't think either of the two you suggest can do this.

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