Thread: How to assign a character to an integer and print it?

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    How to assign a character to an integer and print it?

    I have a very simple Blackjack program that I've coded for an assignment - It takes two random cards from a deck (2 #s from a 13-number array), prints them, and if their sum is 21, it prints "Blackjack!" next to them. When the number selected from the array is 1, the Ace, I reassign it a value of 11. When the number selected from the array is either 11, 12, or 13, I reassign it a value of 10. This all appears to work fine, and the program runs successfully.

    However, what I need to happen is for the program to print the high card character (J,Q,K,A) instead of its value. How can I do this?

    --As a side question, when I first run the program, it gives me all random numbers and works fine, but each subsequent run results in the same, now not-so-random numbers. Is there some way to fix this?

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    Why don't you use switch case for that, you can create a seperate function with switch case which checks for those cards and prints equivalent characters....

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    The random number functions are made to return the SAME numbers, when they are not seeded. (That is for testing purposes on hardware and software both).

    So seed the random number function first - and just seed it ONE time, before you use it. After that, it will run through random numbers. You should know that "random" is not really decently random, unless great care is taken with the program. As a beginner, not aware of the problem, just know that "random" may or may not be decently random, depending on other factors in your program.

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