Thread: Basic debugging question

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    Basic debugging question

    I was given the following program and asked to debug it but I am having an issue understanding some of the code in it. First of all I can't seem to find out what the const char ** means. Secondly, in the final printf statement it appears that the %s string is not printing when the program is runned. Can anyone point in the right direction with this one?

         #include <stdio.h>
         #define DOCTORATE 1
         #define CHOICE 2
         const char *a[2][3] =
             {"Hitler", "Stalin", "Bin Laden"},
             {"Clinton", "Bush", "Powell" }
         int main()
             const char **array;
         #if D0CT0RATE
             array = a[1];
             array = a[0];
             printf( "An honorary doctorate award "
               " is issued to %s\n",
               array[CHOICE] );

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    const char** is for constant pointer to a pointer which is of type char data, means that you cannot change values of array a, and btw %s is printing fine...

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    "When the program is runned."


    We're really making authors and wordsmiths of the English language, roll over in their graves, tonight!

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    Red face

    Line 2 - DOCTORATE - Letter 'O'
    Line 12 - D0CT0RATE - Zeroes instead of the letter 'O'

    Try to compile the program. Any error messages will give an indication as the what the problem is. If you don't understand the messages, post them here and we can help you.

    @Adak - sometimes English is not the primary language of the poster and mistakes therefore will be made. The OP's problem is one of coding C language not writing English language.

    BTW In your last sentence commas are unnecessary!! Methinks the biter is bit!!
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