Thread: Need help with tree sort in C

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    Need help with tree sort in C

    I suck at programming. It doesn't make sense to me. I'm not going to be programming in my career but it's part of my major. I'm desperately trying to get an c- just to pass. Would love some help. I would appreciate some explanation but it is not needed.

    Given the following struct:
    typedef struct node {
       int data;
       struct node * left;
       struct node *right;
    }tNode, *treeNode; 
    typedef struct list{
                     int data;
       struct list *next;
    }lNode, *listNode;
    First insert random numbers into the linked list
    listNode generateList ( listNode head, int size ); (10 points)
    Ask user to define the size of the list, like 100, 10000, etc.
    In the function use rand() to create numbers from 0 to (size-1), then store the numbers in the linked list.
    You can either insert the node from the beginning or the end of the list.

    Then sort the linked list using different sorting algorithms:
    Tree Sort
    listNode treeSort(listNode head); (20 points)
    The algorithm using a BST to sort the elements of an array is given in the slides.
    The basic idea of tree Sort of a linked list is as follows:
    1. Insert values in the linked list into a BST.
    2. Perform an inorder traversal of the BST and write the values back to the list in sorted order.
    Functions needed:
    1. treeNode BuildBST(treeNode root, int val); (20 points)

    2.listNode flatten(treeNode tree, listNode head);(30 points)

    Perform an inorder traversal of the BST and write the values back to the list.

    Use merge sort to compare the result.
    Merge Sort
    listNode mergeSort(listNode head);

    Remember to free the allocated memory at the end.

    I appreciate any help.

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    linked list : google 'c linked list' . i immediately saw several simple algorithms that match your structure (first hit Building a linked list in C)
    binary tree: google 'c binary tree'. (first hit Building a binary tree in C [that site seems to have good simple examples]) (in this one, the function 'insert' === treeSort, function 'printout' is how you travese inorder'

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