Thread: Switch quantity not an integer

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    Switch quantity not an integer

    What should I do to fix this error: "Switch quantity not an integer" with this piece of code?
    if(argc == 2){
                case 'g':
                    for(j = 0; j < (width * height); j++){
                            scanf("%c%c%c", &image[j].r, &image[j].g, &image[j].b);
                    i = greyscale(image);
                case 'r':
                    for(j = 0; j < (width * height) - 1; j++){
                            scanf("%c%c%c", &image[j].r, &image[j].g, &image[j].b);
                    i = rotation(image);
                    printf("%c%c%c", image[j].r, image[j].g, image[j].b);
    It's for a programming assignment and I'm supposed to execute the program like this: ./a.out r < ****.ppm(for rotation) or ./a.out g < ****.ppm (for greyscale).

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    If you have a `char **' and dereference it you get a `char *'.

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