Thread: LCD problem in printing ascii value from generated adc 8051

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    LCD problem in printing ascii value from generated adc 8051

    Hi people,
    I am doing a bit of c programing to read temperature from an analogue temperature sensor. Now I have converted the value from the sensor to ASCII. My problem is to display that value. I have tried alot to display this converted value, but had no success. I know how to display words on lcd and special characters in ascii. but I can't display the value of the temperature as the compiler is giving me an error: " error C247: non-address/-constant initializer". Below is some extracts of the code made:

    unsigned char unit;
    code unsigned char message[]={unit,0xDF,0x43};
    now the units has been converted to ASCII in another function. Can please someone help me out. Thanks in advance,

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    Why are you trying to use the code specifier? You will probably need a constant to use the code segment. Shouldn't that be one of your data segment instead.


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    To be strictly ANSI C, you need something like
    void foo ( unsigned char unit ) {
        unsigned char message[]={0x00,0xDF,0x43};  /* 0x00 is a placeholder */
        message[0] = unit;
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