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    serial interface problem

    hello everyone
    i am trying to interface my serial port with my project circuit but the program does not work at all.
    the program works fine in turbo c version 2 and the responses from my circuit are sent to my pc via the serial port.
    but when i use the same program in turbo c version 4.5 it does not work at all.
    following is my c code...please help
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #define PORT1 0x3F8
    void main(void)
    char c,ch;
     outportb(PORT1 + 1 , 0);   /* Turn off interrupts - Port1 */
     outportb(PORT1 + 3 , 0x80);  /* SET DLAB ON */
     outportb(PORT1 + 0 , 0x02);  /* Set Baud rate - Divisor Latch Low Byte */
     outportb(PORT1 + 1 , 0x00);  /* Set Baud rate - Divisor Latch High Byte */
     outportb(PORT1 + 3 , 0x03);  /* 8 Bits, No Parity, 1 Stop Bit */
     outportb(PORT1 + 2 , 0xC7);  /* FIFO Control Register */
     outportb(PORT1 + 4 , 0x0B);  /* Turn on DTR, RTS, and OUT2 */
     do { c = inportb(PORT1 + 5);          /* Check to see if char has been  received.                     */
     if (c & 1)
            ch = inportb(PORT1); /* If so, then get Char          */
            printf("%x ",ch);
            if (kbhit())
          ch = getch();         /* If key pressed, get Char */
            } /* Send Char to Serial Port */
         } while (ch !=27); /* Quit when ESC (ASC 27) is pressed */

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    Are you running both of these on top of windows (say XP or newer?)
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    yeah i am using windows xp sp3
    the program works with turbo v2 but not with turbo v4.5
    someone told me the port addresses are different in turbo v4.5 but i don't know what....

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    Is the program you provided to run on your project board or the PC? If it is for you PC I suggest you consider the more modern Windows Serial API to control your serial port. Trying to use direct port access while using a modern Windows operating system is problematic. Here is a link to a document that describes how to use this API: Windows Serial Ports.


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