Thread: The first in a set of data to be inputted is always skipped...

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    The first in a set of data to be inputted is always skipped...

    Ok so in the fuction service_data() the first input from the user is always skipped (gets(detail.type)) and the same thing happens in client_information() with the first input call (gets(data.firstname)). What is wrong here??

    //*************************************Service Cost*************************************************
    void service_data(void)
          Client detail;
          int hwcost=0;
          char hw;
          int swcost=0;
          char sw;
          int tcost=0;
          int labourcost=0;
          printf("*****************************Service Details********************************\n");
          printf("Please enter whether PC is a laptop or Desktop\n");
          printf("Please enter the manufacturer\n");
          printf("Please enter the PC's model number\n");
          printf("\t\t\t------Service Cost\n");
          printf("Enter the hardware installed if any and separate each type by forward slash'/'\n");
          printf("eg. CPU: Intel Core i7 2.6Ghz/ MOBO: ASUS RAMPAGE Z68LX/ RAM: 2X Corsair Vengance 8GB");
          printf("Please enter the total cost of hardware\n");
          scanf("%d", &hwcost);
          printf("Enter the software installed if any and separate each type by forward slash'/'\n");
          printf("eg. AV: bitdefender Internet Security 2012/ Office tools: Microsoft Office Student/ OS: Windows 8 home premium\n");
          printf("Please enter the total cost of software\n");
          printf("Please enter the labour cost\n");
          tcost= hwcost + swcost + labourcost;
          printf("The total service cost is %d", tcost);
          fprintf(fp,"Record created at %12s\n", __TIME__);
          fprintf(fp,"The requested day was : %s", __DATE__);
          fprintf(fp,"The PC type is : %s",detail.type);  //writes to file
          fprintf(fp,"\nPC manufactorer is: %s",detail.brand);   //writes to file
          fprintf(fp,"\nPC model number is: %d",detail.model_no);   //writes to file
          fprintf(fp,"\nThe client owner is ID: %d", detail.ID);
          fprintf(fp,"Hardware installed in system include: %c\n",hw);
          fprintf(fp,"The hardware cost is: %d\n",hwcost);  //writes to file
          fprintf(fp,"Software installed in system include: %c\n",sw);
          fprintf(fp,"The software cost is: %d\n",swcost);   //writes to file
          fprintf(fp,"The labour cost is: %d\n",labourcost);   //writes to file
          fprintf(fp,"The overall cost is: %d\n", tcost);
          fclose(fp);                              //close file
    //******************************Customer Information******************************
    void client_information(void)
        {                                  // Starting point of the function                 
            Client data;                                                  // declaration of character
            system("cls");                     // Clears the screen
            printf("\n\n\n\t\t************************ Customer Record *******************\n\n");//printf statement
            printf(" Enter client's First Name\n\n");          //printf statement
            gets(data.firstname);                             // gets the input
            printf("Enter client's Last Name\n\n");         // printf statement
            gets(data.surname);                           //gets the input
            printf("Enter client's Phone Number\n\n");        // printf statement
            gets(data.Contact_No);                       //gets input
            printf("Enter client's Address\n\n");             // printf statement
            gets(data.address);                              //gets input
            printf("Enter customer ID Number\n\n");           // printf statement
            gets(data.ID);                         //gets input
            fp1=fopen(customer,"a+");                                 // open file
            fprintf(fp1,"First Name is: %s\n",data.firstname);      // writes to file
            fprintf(fp1,"Last Name is: %s\n",data.surname);       // writes to file
            fprintf(fp1,"Client's Phone Number is:- %s\n",data.Contact_No); // writes to file
            fprintf(fp1,"Address is: %s\n",data.address);       // writes to file
            fprintf(fp1,"ID number is:%d\n",data.ID);         // writes to file
            fclose(fp1);                                            // close file
            system("PAUSE");                                 //Pause the screen
            system("cls");                                        //Clears the screen
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    Don't use gets. Read this: FAQ > Why gets() is bad / Buffer Overflows -

    Replace them all with calls to fgets. Remember, you will have to strip the newline at the end, example here: FAQ > Get a line of text from the user/keyboard (C) -

    The problem is likely due to you mixing calls to scanf and fgets (note, I say fgets because you WILL change all those calls to gets). When you use scanf to read a number, it leaves the newline in the input buffer, i.e. it reads the digits you typed, but leaves the <enter> key that you pressed. fgets reads that and thinks you input an empty line, just an <enter>. It's usually a bad idea to mix input methods (scanf, getchar and fgets).

    Just read every line with fgets, and use sscanf to parse the numbers out of them.

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    > What is wrong here??
    All sorts of things.

    1. Excessive use of global variables

    2. Excessive use of pointless comments (duh!)
    > printf("\nFILE INVAILD\n"); //printf statement

    3. Using gets() at all -> see Gets - cpwiki

    4. The indentation is a mess -> see Indentation - cpwiki

    5. printf("%s\t\t\n", __DATE__); // Display date
    This displays the date the program was compiled - not the current date.

    6. menu();
    menu() should NOT call menu() recursively. Use a normal loop.
    Actually, there's quite a lot of recursive calling going on. Eventually, such programs eat up all available stack and crash.

    7. Opening files, then prompting for filenames.
    fp = fopen(Services,"r");
    fp1 = fopen(customer,"r");

    8. Mixing input styles.
    You need to know that mixing scanf() with other input methods - particularly those that deal with a whole line at a time, is a problem.
    If you have say "%d" as a conversion and type in say "123\n", then the \n will be left for the next input function. Not an issue if the next input is scanf, but a real PITA if it's gets/fgets.

    That's enough for now...
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