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    Question hit a wall

    I am writing a program that is supposed to read info from a file clock.txt that has the number of employees then a name and then payrate and then another name and payrate. I have a struct

    struct employee {
           char* first[MAX_LEN];
           char* last [MAX_LEN];
           double payperhr;
           double taxes;
           double hours_in_week;
    the information im suppose to read in is
    john slacker 5.15
    jane worker 10

    now i have

    void scanclock(struct employee a){
       int i;
       int week, employee_day;
       double minin,hrin;
       double minout,hrout;
       int num_employee;
       FILE* fp;
     fp = fopen("clock.txt", "r");
     fscanf(fp, "%d", num_employee);
     for(i=0; i<=num_employee; i++)
     fscanf(fp, "%s%s%d", &a.first[i], &a.last[i], &a.payperhr);
     fscanf(fp, "%d", &week);
     for(i=1; i<=week; i++)
          fscanf(fp, "%d", &employee_day);
          fscanf(fp, "lf%lf%lf%lf", &minin, &hrin, &minout, &hrout); 
    I wanted to see if this either looks ok... and does it seem like im going down the right path? a.payperhr does that need to be strcpy and.... and should i keep it in a function or possibly better to do this in int main?

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    It's always good to do things in functions.
    The parameter struct employee a should be struct employee *a since it represents an array of employee structs.
    Your first for loop condition should be i < num_employee, otherwise it will read once more than you want.
    Your second fscanf format should be "%s%s%lf" since payperhr is a double not an int.
    As for the other data you're reading, you haven't shown that in the data you posted.
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    ahh ok thanks.. does any one know what would the basic format of sending a structure though a fucntion be? kinda as in the case above but not really important more for just trying to see another example.

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