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    Link Lists of Structures within Structures...

    Sorry if the title was confusing ( im a little confused! ) Was wondering if anyone know how to dynamically set up a link list in C. Basically i have a structure (students) which have two data pieces, a int which is the id # for that student and then they need to have a linked list of the courses they are taking (courses are the second struct) in the course struct it has the number of credits, max students, time etc that kind of stuff. But what im wondering is how I could dynamically make a link list for each student that would have the correct number of courses, because each student could have any number of classes I don't know how to do this. I could do it if each student only had one class ^^, thanks for any info on the subject.

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    Basically, each student struct would have a next pointer to point to the next student (or 0 (NULL) for the end) and would also have a pointer to the first class struct. The class struct would have a pointer to the next class. Like this:
    S -> S -> S -> 0
    |    |    |
    C    C    C
    |    |    |
    C    0    C
    |         |
    0         C
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    okay so im just fuzzy on a few things currently I have which i THINK is correct, but so I have this struct setup, how can I add this to my student struct? and when running the program what would the syntax be for setting the next within this class struct that is within the student struct? Thanks for your help so far! it rocked
    typdef struct Class
    int classId;
    int section;
    int credits;
    Struct Class * next;

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    Except for the fact that struct should be all lowercase, yes, that's the right idea. I prefer using a typedef so I don't have to keep retyping struct. I put it above the actual struct so I can use it inside the struct too (just don't typedef any pointers -- it makes the code confusing):
    typedef struct Class     Class;
    struct Class {
        int id;
        int section;
        int credits;
        Class *next;

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