Thread: while loop vs recursive

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    while loop vs recursive

    Dear All,

    How can I change the while loop into recursive?

    /*function to count the characters in a string */

    int string_length (char *string)
    char *cptr = string;

    while (*cptr)
    return (cptr - string);
    int string_length (char *string);
    printf("%i ", string_length ("string_length test"));

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    Try this out...
    Im not sure if it would work but just try n see...

    int str_len(char *s)

    static int i;

    Help everyone you can

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    >Im not sure if it would work but just try n see...
    That doesn't work, this will work the first time. See if you can figure out the problem with a recursive strlen.
    int getlen ( char *s )
      static int i = 0;
      if ( *s++ != '\0' )
        getlen ( s );
      return ( i++ );
    Time's up! Did you see it? The i variable is declared as static so that it will hold a value as each new instance of getlen is pushed onto the stack. When getlen is exited altogether, i still keeps the same value. Any successive calls to this function will result in the number of characters in the string plus the total length of all strings calculated before it (minus the NUL terminators).

    While it is possible to get around this problem, it's just not worth the effort since an iterative solution is simpler and will produce accurate output with every function call.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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