Thread: How to read Integer from a txt file

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    Post How to read Integer from a txt file

    The content of txt file is:

    1, 12, 26, 17
    2, 8, 18, 15
    3, 25, 35, 20

    i just need to read the integers, how can i ignore all the char?

    int item,coke,juice,beer;
    infile = fopen("itemlist.txt", "r");
    if (infile == NULL) {
       printf("Fail to open itemlist.txt!\n");
       return -1;
    fscanf(infile, "%d, %d, %d, %d", &item,&coke,&juice,&beer);

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    How about just finding a function that reads in the entire first line and then DO NOTHING with the result of that at all?

    Then all subsequent operations will carry on from the second line as you want.

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    Read one line at a time (fgets) and check it for numbers (sscanf).

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    Don't do this
    FAQ > Why fflush(stdin) is wrong

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