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    c and age

    Well first hello to every one on this forum ,which i visited many,many times but never register.
    Iam not even a beginner in c, Iam just a c lover , actually I know only hello world and some minor basic sintax.
    And Iam pretty old man, 38yrs, who have some free times know, and dont work the job which he didnt like.
    Story , I have some time in mid 80-ties one computer as a child, in which i play some game.....but after a certain time i want to know how they made that games......i started in basic , sleeples nights for simple program (acctually, today you can make that kind of programm in minutes)..........then in 88 i heard for some internet thing in usa , man i was thinking they connected through electricity power cord (i didnt have enough info what internet was,only newspaper article) , so i want my amstrad cpc64 connect with electricity to speak with guys in usa.........stupid - ha.....
    Anyway boring story , and pretty stupid one , i now know for the fact, that biggest joy in my life, was the joy when i compile my first basic program , and see him work.......
    What i want to say, that my primary job wasnt been programming, i know some of my family members who have progremers licence and know only fortan.......and for them programming is just pile of money....
    I just want to see joy as i saw with basic, and i want to learn C only for myself , not for the job, not for the money, just for the one thing which i like most - sleeples nights, pain in the ass, pain in the hands, and the joy of the birth of program.Needles to say that i met most resistance in my try to code in old days , "again computer , what you doing there all days long - go work something" - nothing changes , for me 80-ties are stil much alive.
    How to start learning, recommendations, youtube , or books , or simple devcc pp and rocking on your errors.......
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    Yah, mushrooms are fun.

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    Welcome Oxxo.

    May I suggest switching to Python, instead of C? Python allows you to get a program up and running, with less work than C. I believe you'd find it more rewarding, and less frustrating.

    In any case, best of luck to you. What is the best way to move forward, depends on what you want to do. Google has many tutorials (as does this forum), on both Python and C. After you decide on a language, I'd check out a couple good forums dealing specifically with your language.

    Just by reading through the posts and seeing others code and explanations, you can learn a lot IF you have introduced yourself to the language enough to get a start.
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