Thread: help with c program(for loop) , complete beginner..

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    help with c program(for loop) , complete beginner..

    Write a program to produce the following output(using nested for loop)

    How to generate such patterns , I heard these type of questions are good for understanding nesting loops.
    Can someone explain step by step logic into solving such problems?

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    So what do you think is happening in that loop? Better yet, what have you tried so far?
    1. Get rid of gets(). Never ever ever use it again. Replace it with fgets() and use that instead.
    2. Get rid of void main and replace it with int main(void) and return 0 at the end of the function.
    3. Get rid of conio.h and other antiquated DOS crap headers.
    4. Don't cast the return value of malloc, even if you always always always make sure that stdlib.h is included.

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    what have you written so far? do you know what type of loop you're gonna do? First think how you would do that with the same character, then think how it is going to change. Show us the code you have so far so we can help (:

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