Thread: beginner in C: void pointer refers to an array of double. How do I read the data?

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    beginner in C: void pointer refers to an array of double. How do I read the data?


    I am using code from the hardware manufacturer of this chip in robotics I bought, but I'm a beginner in C.

    The code is event driven. After x millisecond an eventhandler is called. This event handler receives a "void *userptr" variable for the user to do whatever they want with it.

    In the main() I have declared "double dataset1[10]" and I pass the address on to the eventhandler.

    In the eventhandler I need to access the data in dataset1 but I can't get the code right. I believe a typecasting is required here but can't get it right. Can someone tell me how I can access the data in the dataset1 array using the void *usertpr?

    for example how do I retrieve the value of dataset1[1] ?


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    In C, a void pointer is implicitly convertible to any other pointer type, so all you should need in the function is
      double *data = userptr;
         /*  data[i] can now be accessed for i = 0 to 9 */
    If you insist on an explicit type conversion (aka typecast) then the syntax is
       double *data = (double *)userptr;
    If you actually need such a explicit conversion to stop you compiler complaining, then you are actually using a C++ compiler. Note that such an explicit conversion is considered poor form in C.
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    works great. Thx.

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