Thread: Declaring sizeless 2 dimensional array

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    Declaring sizeless 2 dimensional array

    Im a newbie in C. But i know fortran very well. I try things i do in fortran in c. I'm trying to declare a 2 dimensional matrix globally without specific sizes. Later im planing to allocate it according to input. I can do this

    float a[]; or this a[10] or this a[10][10]

    But i cant do this

    float a[][] or this a[2][] or this a[][3]

    Im trying to do something like

    real :: a(:,: ) (in fortran)

    Can you show me how to declare and allocate according to input?

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    If you don't know the size until runtime, you do this
    double **array;
    int row, col;
    // initialise row/col somehow
    array = malloc( row * sizeof(*array);
    for ( r = 0 ; r < row ; r++ ) {
      array[r] = malloc( col * sizeof(*array[r]);
    // do stuff
    // when you're done
    for ( r = 0 ; r < row ; r++ ) {
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    the alternative that has a lot less complexity to it, and less management of pointers is to allocate a single block of data and compute the array index yourself.
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