Thread: Negative Return Problem

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    Negative Return Problem

    i Have a Function,whose basic structure is
     signed char fun()
    signed char a;
    return a;
    now when i run this code on Coverity tool, i'm getting error as negative return

    what can be done to solve this thing?

    P.S : please mind that the code i shared is a basic one,
    it has lot of dependenies in the program
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    Are you assigning the return value of your function to an unsigned int, perhaps?
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    doesn't that warning mean you are using the return value to index an array?

    "In particular, Coverity Prevent™ currently detects several types of buffer
    overruns in the heap and the stack. Those results marked as "Negative
    Returns" and "Reverse Negative"

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    To tell if your function or your usage of said function is at fault:

    printf("%d", fun());

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