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    Header File (Array)

    I need all of these arrays to be included in a header file all_enum_types.h and its going to be used in another program.
    I've got the editor open to the actual header file I just need to know what it is actually going to look like. I'm a total beginner in C.
    I've got this so far but I need the middle part (where the dots are):
    #ifndef all_enum_types_h
    #define all_enum_types_h
    typedef enum {
    a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i
    } letter_commands_t;
    typedef enum {
    type_one, type_two, type_three, type_four, type_five, type_six,
    type_seven, type_eight
    } type_t;
    typedef enum {
    thing_one, thing_two, thing_three, thing_four, thing_five, thing_six
    } thing_t;

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    your enum declarations are ok. just move them to the middle of your include file, after '#define' and before '#endif'. p.s. they are not arrays, they are enum declarations. arrays are a different thing.

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