Thread: I'm really trouble with fgets i think

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    I'm really trouble with fgets i think

    Hi, I wrote some piece of code that should have been printf the parts of input.Let me give an example since my english not enough to explain it . If user give an input like A 7638 2303. since its starts with 'A' code should give me 7638 and 2303 one by one.I tried to it and wrote a code like that but output is nothing.It does not give error or warning but also it does not give any output just a blank.Where am i wrong please help me : (

    int main(){
    char input1[129],input2[129];
    char text[260];
    int i,j;
                         for(i=2; ;i++){
                                if(text[i]==' '){
                                       printf("%d \n",i);
                                       break;    }
    printf("%s %s \n",input1,input2);
    return 0;

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    Your spacing is very bad. Fix it. An indentation (preferably spaces) of 4 is enough.

    Other than that, your code doesn't make sense to me.

    How about:
    char letter;
    int n1 = 0, n2 = 0;
    scanf(" %c", &letter); // initial space in format to skip leading spaces
    if (letter == 'A') {
        scanf("%d %d", &n1, &n2);
        scanf("%d", &n1);  // assuming you read only one number if letter is not A
    printf("%d %d\n", n1, n2);
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    You copy text[i] to input1[i]. But remember, you started i at 2, not 0, so 7638 is put into input1[2] through input1[5]. You do something similar in copying text into input2. Also you need to null terminate input1 and input2 when you're done copying. There are far better solutions than this, like sscanf or strtok + strcpy. Any reason you aren't using those

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