Thread: Data validation for floating point

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    Data validation for floating point

    I'm trying to validate of the user input is a positive floating point value or not.

    When user input is negative, the error message kicks in correctly. But when the user input consists of letters or some other symbols aside from numbers, the error message loops perpetually.

    What'm I doing wrong?

        char AmtStr[99];
        int i, j, Done = 0, Count = 0;
        float Amt;
        while (Done == 0) {
            printf("  Amount you have ");
            j = scanf("%f", &Amt);
            if (j == 1 && Amt > 0) {
                printf("  Proceed.");
            else {
                printf("  Error.\n\n");
                j = '\0';
                Amt = '\0';

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    Maybe because you never set the "Done" variable to be anything other than zero.
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    Even if I set Done = 1 right after printing "Error", same thing happens.

    Solved! I just stuck a getchar(); right under j = scanf("%f", &Amt);.

    But why did it loop in the first place?
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    > j = scanf("%f", &Amt);
    If j is zero (or EOF), indicating no conversion took place, then Amt will be whatever undefined value was there from last time.

    > Amt = '\0';
    Whilst this works, it sends the wrong stylistic message to the user. '\0' is used in the context of characters.
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