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    i created a program use in c for simulate the printer spooler but i have a trouble ---> i want to print the file where located in current directory --->but any one know the method how i select the file in current directory
    -use in scanf i can read the user input and assign to the variable ,like that when user enter file name how i assign it for char variable ???
    scan user input and assign this file name into char variable because i want to include this file name into fifo queue because then i can print this file
    its consumer producer algorithm plz help me to solve this problem because i was new to c

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    "help" is not a topic title.
    How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

    You wrote a producer/consumer, but can't use scanf() to read a string into an array?

    Post some code to show us what you've actually tried.
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    This sounds like another : "I scavenged for some codez, youz makes it workz for me nowz!"
    1. Get rid of gets(). Never ever ever use it again. Replace it with fgets() and use that instead.
    2. Get rid of void main and replace it with int main(void) and return 0 at the end of the function.
    3. Get rid of conio.h and other antiquated DOS crap headers.
    4. Don't cast the return value of malloc, even if you always always always make sure that stdlib.h is included.

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    lol I love the tone here. Yeah showz usz the codez...

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