Thread: Sorting dates into ascending order

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    Sorting dates into ascending order

    Hi all

    I am trying to sort dates into ascending order

    I currently have a structure to represent dates

    struct dates{
    char month[10];
    int day;
    int year;
    I then have an array of type struc date, which stores each date input by the user.

    My question is. How do I sort the dates into ascending order when it is input in the following format:

    Jan(date.month) 10( 01(date.year)

    I am not looking for code but rather an explanation as to how this can be achieved.

    Thank you

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    Convert your struct into into an integer count of days (hours, minutes, seconds, whatever) from some starting point and sort using that value as a key. Look into [ab]using struct tm and mktime() rather than rolling your own to save you some grief.

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    with the standard library function qsort you can pass it an array of your structures and a pointer to a function that does the comparison. you write that function and in it you do the comparisons in the order year,month,day. the hard part is you have a string for month so you would have to translate those strings to something that gives you the order. a lookup table or something.

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