Thread: Skip the first line when reading from a file?

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    Skip the first line when reading from a file?


    I'm trying to read a file with sscanf. The format looks like this:

    text text number
    text text number

    and I have this:
    while (fgets(line, BUFSIZE, infilep) != NULL) {
                    minfo *minfop = malloc(sizeof(minfo));
                    sscanf(line, "%[^ ] %[^ ] %s", 
                    minfop->v1, minfop->v2, minfop->e);

    I'm saving the structs to a list later on but that is kind of irrelevant for now. This code works fine, but the thing is I wan't to read only the first line, because that line only has one number. Then I wan't to continue with sscanf, but from the second line.

    How do I do this?

    Help appreciated!

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    Why not read just the first line OUTSIDE the loop using fgets and do what you want with it. Then, when you enter the loop, the next fgets will read the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. lines.

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    You could test the return value of scanf, and if it isn't 3, use continue before you add that (invalid) struct to the list.

    BTW, %[^ ] in that context would be exactly the same as %s, since %s stops on (and does not include) whitespace.
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    Works great, thanks for the help guys!

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