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    Question question about program setup

    -analysis, design and setup the following problem:
    -Given a string of series of 3-digit number following form: "101,102,103,104,201,202,205,206,207,208,209,210,2 12,215,301,302,303,304,305,401,403 ...." (arbitrary length)
    -Get Organized to print out the results on many lines, each no more than 30 characters. The contents of each line must contain the following:
    301-305,401,403 ....
    (If the sequence numbers of more than 3 consecutive numbers is taken as min-max)

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    are you giving me an assignment? I'll get right on it.

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    example:201,202,203,204,205 were converted into 201-205

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    What makes you think "C Board" is the same as "Dump homework assignments and check for answers in one hour board".

    Seriously, read the Homework Policy and don't call yourself a "hacker" when you're still asking questions like this.

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