Thread: c network programming:insight on new books

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    c network programming:insight on new books

    i'm currently doing some things in network programming but the book i use currently is internetworking with tcp\ip windows socket version....kind of think the book is obsolete tried google searching but all the books i found are in the early 2000's...can any one recommend anyone book that is a little 2007-2012 like......i'm sticking to c or cplusplus.....thnks 4 ur immediate reply

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    Network programming in C has not changed much at all in a long time. Why do you think it's obsolete?

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    Yes, unlike DirectX, or drivers, or any of the other interfaces that change every week, networking is pretty much locked in by design. You open a socket, send packets, act on packets received. About the only change that's happened in the last ten years is IPv6 (and even that's usually nothing more than using a slightly different function and new structures to hold information). Even back to the early days of Unix network programming, almost nothing has changed at all in networking.

    This is mainly, of course, due to the fact that networking has to talk the same to every computer on the planet. So although the drivers change, and the hardware speed changes, the actual method of communication CAN'T change without everyone changing everything. The TCP packets you sent 25 years ago are just as valid coming into a modern machine as they were then, even if all the hardware in between has changed radically.

    I don't know what people's obsession is with thinking that programming (especially in C) can get "out of date". If you can run the example programs given, it's still in-date and not obsolete.

    And this really belong in the "book" forum rather than here.

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