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    String Conversion

    Hi There,

    I have a string for example

    char string = "D100"

    I need to find a way to convert this to ascii and put each character into a int defined variable in a structure. I'll give an example below.

    char string = "D100"

    converted to ASCII its 44 31 30 30

    i have a structure with defined ints and need to do the following


    how do i do this in c

    thanks in advance


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    It's not "converted" to anything. It's stored as ASCII (and then eventually binary).

    So, when you have a "char" array, you can the elements out as any form you want:
    - "%c" ('&')
    - "%d" (38)
    - "%x" (0x26)

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    Quote Originally Posted by r_james14 View Post

    how do i do this in c
    char string = "D100";
    char string = { 'D', '1', '0', '0', '\0' };
    char string = { 44, 31, 30, 30, 0 };
    Are all exactly the same. Note that C strings are null terminated; hence the need for the '\0' at the end. In the first case, this is automatic.

    You could leave the '\0' off if you just want an array of char values, but then do not use any C string functions on it, because it does not count as such.
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