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    I've got a string which i need to convert into a integer, potentially the integer is a maximum of 8 bytes long.

    So first of all will atoi be able to convert it, secondly what definition will the int variable require, i believe unsigned long long
    im using visual studio 2003 if it makes any difference and c language.



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    You can use either atoi or atol (which was built for that purpose). Neither guarantee what the size of a long int will actually be (because C doesn't itself). If you need more than long int, you'll be doing it yourself (atoi isn't exactly a complex function here).

    The variable would need to be whatever the return type of the function you're intending to use it. For atoi, that's int. For atol, that's long int. For anything else - you're crafting it yourself, so you decide.

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    You should use strtol / strtoul rather than atoi, as these functions will tell you when there is numeric overflow (or other errors).
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