Hello everyone
My problem is the following:
I have a C program that takes a file including car models description where the models are described on a row of the file.
so far so good... but the last field reports the nameof a file including the list of accessories for that car model.
The program can add a car model, cancel one, add car optionals or delete them.
The search operations has to be performed with a cost at most logarithmic!

So i implemented it as a BST, with a structure for every node of my BST...

My questions are:

Having a last field of the file that gives me different elements, for every car model should I have a pointer that points to another smaller bst that contains all the informations about the optionals?

typedef struct model {
  char *carmodel;
  char data[25];
  int prices;
  struct model *left;
  struct model *right;
  struct optionals *optional;
} model_t;

typedef struct optional{
char *nameaccessory;
char date[25];
int prices;
struct optional*left;
struct optional*right;
} acc_t;
In this way, after loading my BST from the file I can insert everytime a new car model and new optionals for existing cars...
Is it right?
I was thinking of using a list for the optionals elements but I'm not sure how to do it...

Thanks for your help