Thread: cairo text extent weirdness

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    cairo text extent weirdness

    This one has me really puzzled...
    I have created a cairo text extents variable, like this
    cairo_text_extents_t te3;
    I have used it set the font, fontsize etc... and the text renders perfectly.
    I need to use the width of the bounding box in another placement of graphics. but te.width appears to keep changing. when I run the following code the compiler spits out 24.0 on one run, 34 on another, 54 on another. I feel like maybe its looking at the memory address. Any ideas?
    printf("cairo text extent is %f",te3.width);

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    Ooops, never mind. figured it out. Sorry to bother everyone.

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    So what was your fix? share and share alike amigo, others could benefit :->
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    when I set my fontsize, using the cairo text extents, I was multiplying the fontsize by a random scale factor. This means that every time i compile, the bounding box for the text is different, thus the te.width is different. I'm a retard.

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