Thread: write a method that calculates the mode of integers within an array?

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    Post write a method that calculates the mode of integers within an array?

    I have a program where the user inputs numbers and the program calculates the mean median and mode. everything works fine except the mode method, and I dont know why. here is some of the code. I included a method I call that sorts the array, and that may or may not be the problem, but otherwise I just want this to work!!! :/

    void sortArray(int nums[], int total) {
        int x;
        int y;
        for(x=0; x<total; x++) {
            for(y=0; y<total-1; y++) {
                if(nums[y]>nums[y+1]) {
                    int temp = nums[y+1];
                    nums[y+1] = nums[y];
                    nums[y] = temp;
    int findMode(int nums[],int total) {
         int i, j, maxCount, modeValue;
        int tally[total];
        for (i = 0; i < total; i++) {
         maxCount = 0;
        modeValue = 0;
        for (j = 0; j < total; j++) {
            if (tally[j] > maxCount) {
                maxCount = tally[j];
                modeValue = j;
        return modeValue;

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    Does this code compile without errors? If not post the complete error messages exactly as they appear in your development environment. If it does compile then what is wrong with your snippet? What is it doing, not doing that is incorrect? One thing you may want to insure is that you are not accessing your arrays out of bounds.


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    One suggestion: initialize
    int tally[total]={0};
    to all zero's, before you start incrementing it's values.

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