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    triangle print

    Hi all
    I'mjust starting out withclanguage,I wouldask all of youthe followinghelp:
    Howcan I makethe following program?
    Itried to solvein thisway tounderstandhow to useloops:
    first of allI didcreate a columnlike this:
    for (column=1;column <=5;column+ +){
    to achievea column.
    Nowhowdo I getthe rowsthat particularcolumn?
    Waiting for reply

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    because you need to print line by line, you can't write one column then go back and fill in the next. you need to write a complete row at a time. so have an outer loop for rows. then an inner loop for columns where you use the row number to tell you how many start to print for the current row.

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    You could repost your question WITHOUT all the extra formatting you seem to have added.

    [COLOR=#333333 ][FONT=arial ][CODE ]
    Hi all[/FONT ][/COLOR ][COLOR=#333333 ][FONT=arial ],[/FONT ][/COLOR ]

    [COLOR=#333333 ][FONT=arial ]I'm[/FONT ][/COLOR ][COLOR=#333333 ][FONT=arial ]just starting out with[/FONT ][/COLOR ][COLOR=#333333 ][FONT=arial ]c[/FONT ][/COLOR ][COLOR=#333333 ][FONT=arial ]language[/FONT ][/COLOR ][COLOR=#333333 ][FONT=arial ],[/FONT ][/COLOR ][COLOR=#333333 ][FONT=arial ]I would[/FONT ][/COLOR ][COLOR=#333333 ][FONT=arial ]ask all of you[/FONT ][/COLOR ][COLOR=#333333 ][FONT=arial ]the following[/FONT ][/COLOR ][COLOR=#333333 ][FONT=arial ]help:[/FONT ][/COLOR ]

    The only tags you need are [code][/code], and those go not surprisingly around actual code.
    The rest should just be pure text as you would type it (or copy and pasted from a text editor).
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