Thread: Thanks to Sorenson and Quzah

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    Thanks to Sorenson and Quzah

    I wanted to take a moment and thank both sorenson and quzah for finally burning me out on this board.

    for the rest of you, I wish you the very best... my advice is this-- don't believe much of what anyone tells you on this board.. buy books, get a _decent_ cross compiler, like Code Warrior by metrowerks (It's $99 if you're a student for the Pro version).

    You have to find the truth. Just because you get some piece of code to work, doesn't mean it's right-- make sure it's right as well.

    I was getting ready to submit some long articles explaining some things, with graphics-- hopefully to get them in the FAQ, because they would have covered most all the things I've talked about for so long-- but again, thanks to Sorenson and Quzah, I've simply burned out on this board. I apologize to the newbies who really need it.

    godspeed to you all. I hope that somehow, you manage to break away from the nest and find that 'stuff' within yourselves to get you into good jobs doing what you love.


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    I for one am sorry to see this, you've been with us a long while, and your experience and expertise is a great loss...

    good luck, and thank you.

    ::edit:: BTW: as anyone would tell ya, CodeWarrior is my compiler of choice!
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    Thank you for the time and effort you put into these forums. You'll be missed.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Its sad to see you go, but if that 1 argument you had with S & Q about graphics is enough to provoke this, then perhaps the break will do you good.

    Anyway....good luck

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    Wait a second here... You go off on a massive tirade on ME and I am the cause of your leaving? HAHAHHAHA Oh god that's funny. I should say something witty and sentimental at your departure, but the words simply escape me.

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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    Sayeh>> Take a break and come back again later. Your knowledge is much needed here. And don't take arguments about fact personaly (easier said then done I know)

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    I have noticed that technology has moved toward ease of use, and an emphasis on managed and visual rapid application development. Software design has changed a great deal because instead of procedural design based on algorithms and functions, there is more deisign being done with patterns in OOP.

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    There is more support using RAD technology and in this day and age a person has the choice of building a game to run in the .net framework or else he can start with a bobby pin and a piece of cotton, build his own computer, use C++ to transmigormorize himself the fastest running game ever.

    I think that you would do the latter Sayeh, and that is noble but I believe that it is frustrating for half of these people who's largest concern is whether they will get the window seat on the bus.

    See you later old buddy. Thanks, and maybe one day I will have enough knowledge to be able to put half of what you say into it's real context, but I'm just a modern day CS student, having a hard enough time learning Rapid Application Development.

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    I just finished reading the 'amzolt' thread which is apparently a precursor to this statement of resignation.

    It was an interesting discussion with much mud slinging interspersed with cogent reasoning. I don't know this 'Sayeh' character but given the respect afforded him by other members who have proved both knowledgeable and helpful then it is a shame he has chosen to retire.

    As for the anile assaults on Sorensen & Quzah, it seems that physical age does not appear to correlate very well with emotional or mental age. This is truly sad.

    However, I suspect that 'Sayeh' will in all liklihood return under some other guise; I doubt he can be as passionate about this subject without remaining silent for long.

    >>I don't like the British because they need to learn to speak english!<<

    What is 'transmigormorize' ?

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    He was a great man, may he rest in peace.

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    Utter DejaVu! You've left us twice, would you like to come in ghost form for your 3rd triuimphant return? And I believe that other people annoying you was the cause of you leaving LAST time as well. Oh well, you were incredibly knowledgable, but adios!

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    I apologize to the newbies who really need it.
    You don't need to apologize to me.

    If you feel you are right on a point and you feel strongly about it, then discontinue yourself from the heated argument if you do not feel you are getting anywhere. Don't just get up and leave.

    The world is waiting. I must leave you now.

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