Thread: Comparision of binary trees, balance.

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    No, the return type should be struct tree *:
    struct tree *DSWbalance(struct tree *root)
        /* algorithm */
        return root;  // this is the "new" root, since rotations may alter the root of the tree

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    Ohhh god, I'm so stupid. I've never considered that function can be something else than void or int

    Although not everything is okey.

    case 1:                system("cls");
                    printf("Enter a value: ");
                    scanf("%d", &value);                
                    if(insert(&headone, value)==1)
                        printf("Value exists! Press any key to continue.\n");
                        insert(&headtwo, value);
                        headtwo=DSWbalance(headtwo); //when this part is 'on' program doesn't give my errors, but it looks like algorithm is wrong, when I print a result of it I have only one element in a tree
    If red part is off, and I put into my tree 5 values, ie 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, then I perform balancing I have error of access violation. I checked step-by-step what's going on inside of it. First part (creating a spine) looks okey. Not so sure of second part. Problem occurs when 'k' reaches 'i'.

    struct tree *DSWbalance(struct tree *root){  
        struct tree *p;
        int nodecount;
        int i;
        for(p=root,nodecount=0;p!=0;p=p->right,++nodecount) //spine
                while(rightrotate(&p)==1) { }
        for(i=nodecount/2; i>0; i/=2 ) //balance
                int k;
        return root;

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