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    Please help

    Going to fail class tomorrow and get kicked out of Uni i am a business major but have been allowed to do a class in C as i felt it would be useful however i just dont get it can do question A but nothing else. I know this must be annoying to ask but can someone just help me once so i can stay in University and then i will read and read and read to pass the next assignment by myself.

    Instructions: -Answer all (3) questions.
    -Functions in (2) and (3) must be part of complete C programs.
    1] Write C programs to do the following:
    a) A program to create a file and to store the message “Hello, world” in the file.
    b) A program to open the file you created in (a) and to append a new line of text which
    says, “Files are fun.”
    c)A program which reads the file in (a) and (b) and displays its contents.
    2 ]Write a C function xyz which takes two floats as input and which rounds them to
    their nearest respective whole numbers:
    xyz 3.1 2.9 ==> 3.0 3.0
    xyz 5.5 1.2 ==> 6.0 1.0
    xyz 9.0 0.5 ==> 9.0 1.0
    The arguments to xyz MIST be passed by reference.
    3] Write a RECURSIVE C function p3 which takes a number as input and which returns
    true if the number is power 3, false otherwise.
    Note: the function MJUST be recursive to get credit for the question.

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    So on the programming forums you're a Business major in dire straits, yet on football forums you're on a programming course and "a bit stuck"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpions4Ever
    Something doesn't smell right here.
    Amen brother

    Quote Originally Posted by OTBC
    If you're struggling with these questions, talk to your tutor. There's no shame in it, you're paying for the course!
    Whichever one you are, do this
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    He's a business major currently failing in a C programming course - that could be true, in both forum posts.

    The real problem is, he's waited WAY too long to get help, or get started. Where have you been Dan? You can't pass this class, because you haven't really got the whole time set aside for studying, practicing, and finally, getting help.

    If you can't do any of this assignment, take the failure, and vow to improve in the future classes - and don't take a programming class. They require study, practice, and lots of it.

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