Thread: Copying strings to array of pointer to char

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    Copying strings to array of pointer to char

    I'm trying to understand how to populate an array of pointers to strings programatically, and not have to initialize them in the code.

    For example, the following works OK:

       int i;
       char * NameArray[3] = {"Mike","Carter","Dale Z."};
       for (i=0; i<3; i++)
          printf("Name %d is %s\n", i, NameArray[i]);
    and when I try this, I get a segmentation fault from the strcpy.

       int i;
       char * NameArray[3];
       char MyInput[20];
       for (i=0; i<3; i++)
         printf("Enter name:");
         scanf("%s", MyInput);
         strcpy(NameArray[i], MyInput);
         printf("Name %d is %s\n", i, NameArray[i]);
    Is there any way to enter the data programatically using the array of pointers to char? I got it to work declaring the array as char NameArray[3][20] but was looking to use pointers.

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    Lookup malloc

    NameArray[i] = malloc(strlen(MyInput)+1);
    strcpy(NameArray[i], MyInput);
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