Thread: Pthread question, multiple arguments

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    Pthread question, multiple arguments


    i have a thread where i add my function to it. But the problem is i have 3 function more which they have to be added also to the same thread.

    Fore example:
    rv = pthread_create (&tarray[i], NULL, (void *)&function1, (void *)&var;
    My question is how do i add muliple arguments in pthread_create?

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    You don't. If you need them running concurrently, call pthread_create() 3 times.

    You should also drop the casts. The casting of a function pointer to void* is simply wrong (the type expected is void*(*), not void*); the casting of an object pointer to void* in C is not necessary because it happens automatically. There is an advantage to leaving off casts, too: it allows the compiler to tell you if you're using the wrong type in a lot of cases.

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    If I'm understanding you correctly, then just call the other functions within function1().

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