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    help with lists plz

    hey im new with this all, im doing assigmnet for class, what it does it gets a list of students and their grade, splits them to fail and pass, and at the end it should each group be ordered by lexicographic order, plz help me out, i assume or the swap or the find_min or the sort r wrong, because the rest of the prog i've checked and it worked, i havent posted all the code but assumes the func that are there are working

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #define MAX_NAME_SIZE 30
    typedef struct student_node
    char name[MAX_NAME_SIZE];
    double grade;
    struct student_node* next;
    Student *read_students(); /*gets list of students from user*/
    void print_list(Student *pHead); /*prints list of students from user*/
    void split_list(Student *pHead, Student** pass, Student** fail); /*splits students list to fail&pass*/
    void split_cpy_list(Student *pHead, Student** pass, Student** fail); /*splits students list to fail&pass*/
    Student *sort_list(Student *pHead); /*sots students list lexicographi*/
    void swap(Student *swp1, Student *swp2); /*swaps between structs*/
    Student *find_min(Student *pHead); /*finds the struct where name is with smallest lexicographi*/
    int main()
    	Student *pass1=NULL, *fail1=NULL;
    	Student *list = read_students();
    	split_list(list, &pass1, &fail1);
    	printf("\n students above 60: \n"); 
    	printf("\n students bellow 60: \n");
    	return 0;
    void swap(Student *swp1, Student *swp2)
    	Student *swp_tmp = NULL;
    	swp_tmp->grade = swp1->grade;
    	swp1->grade = swp2->grade;
    	swp2->grade = swp_tmp->grade;
    Student *find_min(Student *pHead)
        Student *tmp_find = NULL;
        tmp_find = pHead;
        while(pHead != NULL)
          *tmp_find = *pHead;
          pHead = pHead->next;
       return tmp_find;
    Student *sort_list(Student *pHead)
    	Student *tmp_sort = NULL;
    	tmp_sort = pHead;
    	while(tmp_sort != NULL)
        if(strcmp(tmp_sort->name, find_min(tmp_sort->next)->name)>0)           
    	return tmp_sort;
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    > Student *swp_tmp = NULL;
    > strcpy(swp_tmp->name,swp1->name);
    > swp_tmp->grade = swp1->grade;
    Well until you dereference NULL anyway.

    Try say
        Student swp_tmp;
        swp_tmp.grade = swp1->grade;
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    Additionally, you may want to take a look at How to define main()-FAQ
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