Thread: read data from file into 2 dimensional arrays help

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    read data from file into 2 dimensional arrays help

    Pre: SpData is oppened,     
    int getData(FILE* spData, char name[][MAX_COL], float difficulty[], float score[][SCORE])
         int i = 0;
    	 int j = 0;
    	 while (i < MAX && fscanf(spData,"%c", &name[i][j])!=EOF)
    		 for( j = 1; j < MAX_COL; j++)
    		    fscanf(spData,"%f", difficulty[j]); 
    	     for( j = 0; j < SCORE; j++)
    			 fscanf(spData,"%f", score[i][j]);
       return i;

    KNIFE JACK 1.3 6.0 5.1 6.3 5.9 6.5
    WILLIAMSON FLIP A 1.4 3.5 4.1 4.7 7.2 3.8
    SOMMER TODD 1.2 8.0 9.1 8.1 9.3 9.0
    SWAN MIKE 1.1 4.3 2.1 9.9 6.2 7.0

    my file openned but doesnt print the data above out
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    Why don't you use normal loops like a normal person?
    for( i = 0; i <MAX; i++ )
        for( j = 0; j < MAX_COL; j++ )
            if( fscanf( foo, "%f", &this[ i ][ j ] ) != 1 )
                ...some kind of error...
    Also, your code doesn't print anything, so why would you expect to see some output there?

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    Your attempt to use fscanf to read the names looks wrong. One problem is that the names can contain spaces, yet a space is used as the field delimiter. Furthermore, they can consist of two or three (or more? or just one?) "words".

    Is the file format fixed? If not, you may wish to change it to make parsing easier.
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    i guess its wrong cause it only print out the first line of the input data

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    why are you so aggressive?

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