Thread: Storing Sentences in Linked List

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    Storing Sentences in Linked List

    I try to store a sentences in a struct of linked list (using malloc). I try fgets, scanf and gets but it never work. srry for not posting the code because it's an assignment.

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    Your not going to get much in the way of help without code.
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    what was the error you got?
    Describe your problem clearly.

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    First you write a small program to test your ability to extract sentences from user input.

    char buff[BUFSIZ];
    char theSentence[BUFSIZ];
    while ( fgets( buff, sizeof(buff), stdin ) != NULL ) {
      // do stuff
      if ( sentenceComplete ) {
        printf("Found Sentence=%s\n", theSentence );
    When "Found Sentence=%s\n" is printing everything correctly for all sorts of input, then you put that to one side and work on the other problem.

    list *myList = NULL;
    myList = addToList( myList, "The quick brown fox." );
    myList = addToList( myList, "Jumps over the lazy dog." );
    myList = addToList( myList, "This is your homework." );
    Again, when this is working as it should for a handful of fixed sentences.

    Then you can merge the two thing together by replacing
    printf("Found Sentence=%s\n", theSentence );
    myList = addToList( myList, theSentence );
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