Thread: warning #2229?

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    warning #2229?

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void)
        int count_emp = 0;
        int numb_days = 0;
        double temp;
        double total_temp;
        int average_temp;
        printf ("Please enter number of days (1-7):\n");
        scanf ("%d" ,&numb_days);
        while (count_emp < numb_days)
        printf ("Please enter the temperature:\n");
        scanf ("%lf" ,&temp);
        total_temp = total_temp + temp;
        count_emp = count_emp +1;
        average_temp = total_temp / numb_days;
        printf ("All temperatures have been entered\n");
        printf ("Average temperature of %d\n" ,average_temp);
    I get a warning message:
    warning #2229: Local 'total_temp' is potentially used without being initialized.

    I run the program and seems to do what its suppose to. can someone please explain why i'm getting this warning?

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    You are getting the warning because you declared total_temp, however failed to initialize it to a value. Theoretically, it could start out at any value. Only global variables are guaranteed to be initialized to 0 per the standard.
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    > double total_temp;
    > total_temp = total_temp + temp;
    What is the original value here?
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