Thread: A simple question on structures

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    A simple question on structures

    Can you please tell me the difference between these

    typedef struct aStructure
             int a;
    } object;
    typedef struct
         int a;
    } aStructure;
    struct aStructure
           int a;
    } obj;
    I am a bit confused..

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    The first one is a typedef'd struct; the type is "object", and it is defined as a struct aStructure. The second one is the same, except the struct is anonymous, because it does not need a name if it is always going to used via the typedef (in this case "aStructure"). A common situation where the struct does need a name is if it requires an internal pointer to itself, eg:

    typedef struct aStructure
             int a;
             struct aStructure *p;
    } object;
    Linked lists work this way; the issue is you cannot use the typedef name ("object *p") inside the definition unless the definition follows the declaration:

    struct astruct;
    typedef struct astruct object;
    struct eg {
    	object *p;
    In which case you need a named struct anyway.

    The third one is a struct definition which includes an instantiation, "obj". Ie, obj is a variable of type struct astructure. This is a little confusing because the first two examples, with the typedefs, use the same notation to name the typedef.
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